5 Ways to Improve Your Office

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5 Ways to Improve Your Office

You should love coming into your office each day and feel enthused to work due to its Feng Shui. We have composed a list of five different things you can do to spruce up your office to give you more inspiration at work.

1. Colour Co-ordinate

Do you have a favourite colour? One that makes you really happy? Then, why not add this splash of colour to your office? You don’t have to be completely ostentatious with it; perhaps start out with customising your stationery. A stapler, hole punch, scissors etc. in your favourite colour won’t do anyone any harm. Then, why not add some colour to your filing system too? Archive boxes can look so ugly in the corner of your office, but not if they are your favourite colour and actually complement other items in the office.

2. Clear your desk

This is one of the most popular tips about improving your office, but it is a great one! It is so refreshing seeing space on your desk and knowing where everything is. When you see clutter, your brain gets cluttered too and that is definitely not going to help productivity.

3. Get an amazing office chair

Comfort is key if you want to be content in your office and this all boils down to what you are sitting on for several hours of the day! Our range of fabric office chairs is fabulous and you can be sure to find a colour that complements what you have done with the office! Since they are well padded, they provide great comfort for those long days. An alternative is our mesh office chairs; these can give your office a real contemporary feel. Not only are they breathable, making them the choice for the summer, but they also give added support to your back. These two choices of office chair would give you the best value for money for an office re-design.

4. Decorate the walls

When the walls of a room are bare, it gives a depressing feel. The last thing you need when you are at work is something else to bring you down, so get some artwork on the walls. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a fancy painting, but perhaps some cool posters or even some wall art. Inspirational sayings as wall stickers are proving very popular these days and can look really great above your desk.

5. Get in tune with nature

Many people underestimate what one plant can do to a room. Just adding a small piece of nature to your office can really make it feel like a warm, welcoming place to work. Moreover, a cactus will not just make your office look pretty, but will be beneficial to your health! These little arid beauties soak up all the radiation that roams around from all the electrical equipment in the office and thereby less of it projects on us. Genius!

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