How To Properly Clean A Leather Office Chair

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How To Properly Clean A Leather Office Chair

What you need to understand is that how you care for a leather home office chair will say a lot about how long it lasts and how it ends up looking. Like any other piece of office furniture, your chair is going to be experiencing normal wear and tear, which leather requires that you deal with as soon as possible. Normal cleaning and repairs are often needed but you also have to make sure that you are giving your home office chair its yearly conditioning in order to make sure it lasts for a long time.

Because leather chairs are made from natural rather than synthetic materials, it is necessary to keep the leather hide healthy and looking good to avoid splitting and cracking. Leather makers have developed several safe to use products to clean and condition the leather of your chair with, but there are additional things you can use to keep everything clean. One of the best things to use is a mild soap, it works great for taking off pen marks and grease from your hands, legs, and back.

Another thing you could use to clean your leather are baby wipes, these work great since they are not harsh on your leather, these won’t come with your chair but you can find them in many places. Many name brand lines exist that can be used to wipe down your seat weekly, or on an as needed basis. Something I strongly suggest is that you test the wipes out on the bottom of the seat so that you know if it changes the color or if it cracks the leather.

For a deep cleaning, or a stubborn stain that water and soap alone have not been able to remove, leather manufacturers recommend using a pH based cleaner and conditioner. These products are made with cleansers that are strong enough to get in between the pores of the animal hides, but still gentle enough not to destroy it. When you are done cleaning the next thing you should do is place a conditioner on the leather to keep it looking its best.

The last thing you need to know is that it doesn’t matter how often you are sitting on the chair, you still need to clean it. The truth is that you need to clean your chair more than once a month, my suggestion would be to clean it at least every other week.

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